HF Station

A:  Kenwood TS 950SD  -  IF232C  -  Command 2500

B:  Yaesu FT920 with CAT  -  FL 2100Z


HFantenna.jpgOptibeam 9-5      10m  12m  15m  17m  20m   -   On top 6m antenna 6M7JHV

80m_shuntfed_tower.jpg   30_40_vertical.jpg
80m shuntfed tower
32 Radials
  30m and 40m Vertical
16 Radials
160m_shuntfed_tower.jpg   160m_Anpassung1.jpg

Waterproof box containing γ-match capacitors: One fixed doorknob capacitor and parallel one variable vacuum capacitor.
The shunt wire is connected to the mast at the right height to get 50 Ω matching.


160m shuntfed tower
32 Radials


Close-up from the
inside of the box

K9AY_2.jpg   Beverage_Field.jpg
Lowband K9AY RX-antenna   Beverage field for use in winter time